Starting the Year Off Right!

What's up guys! Welcome to my first blog post ever!
I've decided to start this blog to keep you updated with what I'm up to these days. This will also be a great place for me to showcase behind-the-scenes content that I wouldn't normally get to share on my Instagram page.

Thanks to everyone that has continued to follow my journey so far! I can't wait to show you some of the new things I've been working on!

2018 is going to be like no other year. At this point I've been a photographer for just over 2 years now and have more ideas to share and places to go than ever before. This year I’m planning on travelling to some sweet destinations and also working on some new projects; One of them being, the launch of my new YouTube channel in the coming months!

I thought about different ways to start this year on a high note, and couldn't think of a better way to kickstart 2018, than by taking a road-trip to the Albertan Rockies with my good friends Jon, Josh and Steven. One of the craziest parts about this trip was that it was only confirmed the night before, causing us to scramble to get our gear and agenda in order, since we weren’t sure where we were going or what we required!


For the most part, we did have a rough idea of locations and the gear/clothing we required, but by no means were we prepared for what we walked into. As it turns out, the week we embarked on this journey was actually the coldest week of the entire Winter. On our way there, we got stuck in the craziest blizzard delaying our arrival time by a few hours to our first destination. We spent nearly 3 full hours going 30km/h not being able to see much more than 10 feet in front of us. Here’s a clip of what we experienced.

The coldest part of our trip was experiencing -38° before windchill, while hiking the Athabasca Glacier with a really strong wind. We tried our best to get to the Glacier, but ended up having to turn back because the weather was just too harsh. The next day we stopped by the frozen Maligne Canyon. I have been here plenty of times in Summer but seeing it in Winter and being able to walk onto of the frozen river was something special. This was one of our favourite locations as you’ll probably see on most of our feeds.


On our last day before heading home, we stopped by Two Jack Lake for sunrise.

Even though it was cold and at times we couldn’t feel our toes, this trip was totally worth it! We got to take some of the best photos we've ever taken and had the priceless opportunity to become better friends through the process of overcoming the conditions we were dealing with. Here’s some more BTS shots from the trip!

And that's trip number 1 of 2018! Huge shout-out to my buddies for coming on this trip with me as well as all you amazing people for following my journey throughout the last couple years. We’ve got lots of adventures coming up, a few international trips in the works, and who knows what else! I've also never been more excited to get filmmaking more than I am now, so expect some YouTube videos soon!

Feel free to check out my buddies on Instagram below too!

Josh Tryhane | @joshtryhane

Steven Parker | @stevenofnorth

Jon Saldanha | @jonsaldanha

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